Onshore and Offshore Technology Centers
mLogica’s Global Delivery Model provides a mix of resources at onshore and offshore technology centers to enable “round-the-clock” aspects of software, database and systems support. This methodology balances the needs of thorough analysis with short “time-to-market” pressures, thereby ensuring developed and deployed IT systems truly support the business goals of the organization.

mLogica’s primary technology center is located in Orange, California. Additional technology centers are located in:

India, one of India’s premier technological hubs and a place of confluence for many national and international IT firms. Development Centers in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore

Singapore, where the economy is moving towards a technology driven and high tech production based pattern of development

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, a growing technology center for the European Union

Our US based project managers provide day-to-day management of all mLogica projects, interacting constantly between clients and the technical project management team in our technology centers. This ensures clients continuous and updated information on the status of their project and provides a very smooth business process and substantial cost and performance benefits.

mLogica’s corporate office in California serves as a communication hub, allowing clients to reach project personnel via telephone, e-mail or fax. In addition, dedicated choice “hotlines” between the US hub and our development centers enable teleconferencing / video conferencing with the project teams.

The staff at the technology centers includes highly skilled and experienced professionals in:

  • Performance Management
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Systems Integration

Our professionals in the 24*7*365 centers are responsible for continuous monitoring and management of the state of our clients’ operations.