Cloud computing offers access to data storage, processing, and analytics on a more scalable, cost-effective, and secure basis than can be achieved with an on-premise deployment.

mLogica MCAP Cloud Big Data Solutions are cost-effective offering flexibility for storing unstructured data (such as images, text, and video), accommodating ’high-velocity’ (near real time) data, and scaling to support very large (Petabyte-scale) data volumes.


Security: MCAP provides:

  • Application-level, role based access control
  • Data encryption for data at rest (on disk)
  • Data encryption for data-on-the-fly
  • Kerberos Authentication

Time to market: Once installed, we can provision analytic environments rapidly (days compared to weeks), providing a tremendous strategic and competitive advantage.

SLAs: MCAP’s ultra-high performance can help in meeting or exceeding internal and external SLA, regulatory and business requirements.