As heterogeneous database migration experts, mLogica leverages our Oracle, Mainframe, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase ASE, ASA, IQ, Replication Server, Informix, Postgres and Ingres database expertise with the mLogica Migration automated tools, including DCS, Migration Tool Kit (MTK) and Surveillance DB software which includes automated toolsets, software, scripts, and programs, augmented by repeatable processes and proven methodologies to help migrate and consolidate our customers’ database environments.

Data Consolidation Server is a standalone appliance which plays an integral role in mLogica’s modernization solutions. DCS enables companies to migrate and consolidate database servers to Oracle technologies to lower their costs, ease the resource pressure of database administration, and improve the quality of their database technology by reducing the number of database instances across multiple database vendors.

MDCS utilizes mLogica’s software suite for performance intelligence. mLogica’s software suite is an enterprise database performance management solution with extensive capabilities to monitor existing database issues, and perform predictive analysis on monitored databases. This software focuses on database response time; and finding the root causes of delays inside of databases.

Data Consolidation Server

Data Consolidation Server also tracks every query in every session, and captures the database wait events that impose delays on the query. DCS software suite uses the Oracle databases that contain provisioning, subscriber and other data to manage its operation and eliminates performance bottlenecks by providing low latency from the In-Memory Database Cache. This improves application service, and reduces overall cost of database operations.

mLogica’s Data Consolidation Server aligns your application and database consolidation requirements to the underlying information infrastructure through our Managed Services, an Enterprise Database Managed Services program with extensive capabilities to monitor consolidated database and systems.

  • Lower Cost: Leverage low-cost and consolidated data infrastructure strategies
  • Minimize Risk: Eliminate complexity through validated solutions and integrated technology and services
  • Improve ROI: Leverage the full functionality of our cloud computing environment
  • Simplify Management: Benefit from simplified integrated management solutions
  • Increase Productivity: Leverage the knowledge transfer from mLogica’s experts to your IT staff