Database Monitoring and Performance Management Software

SurvellianceDB software has been desiged ground-up for SAP HANA, Sybase ASE, IQ and Replication Server. No other software can provide breath and depth of SurvellianceDB.

SurvellianceDB have been further optimized for SAP HANA< Sybase ASE, IQ and Replication Server running on Amazon AWS Cloud platform.

SurvellianceDB also provide cross-platform support for Oracle. Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, etc.

With today's complex IT environments and data availability demands monitoring database performance is essential to deliver peak performance with minimal down time. Insufficient performance monitoring greatly increases the likelihood of a system outage causing unplanned downtime, which can cause disastrous reputational, regulatory and fiscal damage to your company.

End users don't want excuses, they expect 100% availability with rapid and consistent response times.



Reduces downtime across major distributed databases and their operating systems

Provides database and system monitoring knowledge; providing a common, flexible architecture across all platforms.

Offers a full suite of monitoring functions:

  • Resolve application problems by quickly detecting blocked processes and high-load situations
  • Find long-running SQL and hot objects, in real-time or in the recent past
  • Report on storage trends and many other aspects of the database
  • Improve performance using timed event profiles, process-level statistics, and runtime query plans
  • Get alerts on out-of-space conditions in databases and segments

SurveillanceDB Chart

Supported Databases and Operating Systems

  • SAP Sybase ASE, Sybase ASE Cluster, Sybase IQ, Sybase Replication Server and SAP HANA
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • DB2-LUW
  • Informix
  • Windows, UNIX and Linux Operating Systems