mLogica’s PxCube software for operational efficiency management offers workforce, business process management, and energy performance solutions providing operational optimization in a structured approach for directing overall workforce across all business levels.

PxCube software is build on mLogica’s Big Data platform “MCAP” which also allows companies to integrate operational efficiency data with rest of the enterprise data, syndicated data, as well as, public data including but not limited to transactional data, emails, text, social media, sensors, e-commerce, audio, video, etc.

Performance Management Application for Financial Services Organizations

PxCube provides structured approaches for directing overall logistics performance from the employee level upwards. PxCube monitors, manages and drives employee performance and increases productivity through performance measurement and management.

PxCube provides employee performance reviews and goal management which quickly accesses key employee information to gauge accurate candid performance reviews and empower organization and employee growth.


Performance Management Application for Financial Services Organizations


In order to improve performance management our workforce performance application provides a comprehensive performance management process: including customized dashboard design, source data mapping, and accumulation.


PxCube institutionalizes the performance management process in key functional areas to ensure consistent results. Ease of use is the primary focus for all of PxCube’s reporting and employee dashboards, creating meaningful scores which represent a multitude of goals. Large quantities of data are leveraged from core source systems to gain a complete view of performance. Scorecards will feature focused data to quickly ascertain the status of performance and remediation options.