mLogica offers cross-platform expertise in the following environments:

  • AWS Aurora
  • AWS Redshift
  • DB2 (LUW, AS/400, Z)
  • Informix
  • Netezza
  • Oracle
  • Postgres
  • SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • Teradata

Services provided on these platforms include:

  • Database Health Checks
  • Performance Tuning
  • Management and Monitoring
  • High Availability; through data replication, backup and recovery, and server consolidation
  • Database Upgrades, Installation and Configuration
  • Database Security
  • Server Consolidation and Database Migrations
  • Data Governance Implementation & Support

Database Services

Database Health Checks

Database health checks are a complete and comprehensive review of databases; geared towards cost effective database performance optimization. Health checks are a key tool for the identification of inefficiencies in databases. Our solutions architects work directly with our customers’ DBA teams to identify database performance issues within their systems.

Database Performance Tuning

Performance tuning eliminates performance bottlenecks, improves application service, and reduces overall cost of database operations. mLogica’s PT DBAs focus on database response times, finding the root causes of delays inside the database. mLogica’s database performance management software, Surveillance, tracks every query in every session; capturing the wait events that impose delays on the query. We correlate essential statistics to give an understanding of how the response time, server health, and session statistics interact.

Management and Monitoring

Managed Services

mLogica provides proactive database management monitoring tools for all migration efforts to ensure early response to possible complications. The monitoring services include:

  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Automated Problem Detection
  • Continuous Performance Tuning
  • Crisis Mitigation and Management (including emergency bug fixes)
  • Creating and Running Jobs/Scripts (to maintain database health)
  • Upgrade to New Products/Releases and Security Patches (per the vendor’s licensing agreement)
  • Backup and Restore Services

Proactive Monitoring

Our Automated Problem Detection suite monitors and tunes the database on a regular basis, including coverage of these core tasks:

  • Scan and Monitor database/transaction logs
  • Database Console Commands Prune Database Dump Archives
  • Index Reorganization
  • Monitor Data Segment Usage
  • Manage Statistics
  • Database Resources Management
  • Troubleshoot Database Connectivity Issues

High Availability

Supported through data replication and integration, backup and recovery, and server consolidation.

Many organizations don’t focus on their server availability or backup, their recovery processes and technology until it’s too late.

To respond to today’s increasingly competitive business environment, many organizations are improving their efficiency by adopting flatter, decentralized structures. As conditions change businesses are reorganizing frequently. Your information systems must support these organizational requirements. mLogica’s replication and data integration services provide cost-effective, high-performance, robust distributed systems and approach to information delivery that adapts to your changing business needs.

Database Upgrades, Installation and Configuration

mLogica has experience assisting hundreds of customers with software migrations and upgrades. We are familiar with functionality enhancements that require database and application changes and our database specialists have the experience to develop an upgrade and/or migration plan that will ensure performance of the new software is optimized for your environment. mLogica’s staff possesses the skills and experience required to complete an efficient, successful, and well-organized database installation and configuration.

Database Security

mLogica’s offer the following data security support to their clients:

  • Encryption
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Access Control
  • Data Privacy
  • Protection Against Insider Threats
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Database Auditing
  • Monitoring
  • Database Encryption
  • Data Masking
  • Vulnerability Assessments

Server Consolidation and Database Migrations

Companies look at database and platform migrations as a solution to issues of staffing, scalability, and security concerns, while also viewing it as a longer term cost-saving strategy. Our database and platform migration center consists of proven methodologies, assets, resources and best practices, providing an optimized approach to database and platform migrations. This helps mitigate both risk and the overall cost of moving from one platform to another.

Data Governance and Support

Data governance allows that information accessed is reliable, secure and valid by a way to manage data entities over time. The reason data governance cannot be overlooked is because organizations struggle with their data on a continuous basis.

Information governance – This involves including the declaration of sources of truth, systems of record, roles and responsibilities, information delivery standards and certified enterprise reports/dashboards.

Security – Data security and access decisions are critical to the enterprise.

Quality – Successful decision making is enabled by data that is complete, timely, accurate and consistent. mLogica Data Architects assure data quality through standardization, process engineering and the creation and monitoring of data quality metrics.

Usability – Usability includes easy-to-use applications that promote data interaction and informed decision making, as well as creating a common data language for understanding organizational performance.

Availability – mLogica strives to implement the appropriate analytical infrastructure that makes data accessible to users when they need it, defined by their respective needs.

Databases Supported and Associated Technologies

  • AWS – Aurora, Redshift
  • IBM – DB2 (ULW, AS/400, Z), Netezza
  • Informix
  • Microsoft – SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS
  • Oracle – 11g/12c, Exadata, Data Guard, GolenGate, RAC, ODA, ODI, MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SAP – HANA, IQ, ASA, ASE, ASA, Replication Server, Open Client, Open Server, DB-Lib, CT-LIB
  • Teradata, Aster