An engineered modernization platform with automated tools, repeatable processes, and proven methodologies including automated application modeling, and reverse and forward engineering for automated application documentation and legacy code translation. These solutions enable companies to migrate and consolidate legacy applications to next generational object oriented applications.

Legacy Application Translation to a Modern Object Oriented Language

The solution utilizes mLogica’s software suite for application translation and transformation. mLogica’s software platform is a product with extensive capabilities to consolidate and eliminate redundant code, auto, semi-auto and custom refactoring of code, and automatically convert selected legacy applications to newer, web-based technologies.


Legacy Application Documentation

The solution automatically document legacy applications with a detailed presentation of the structure and flow of the legacy code.

  • Provides greater flexibility for tailoring system architecture and functionality
  • Improves software maintainability
  • Enhances software performance
  • Supports component-based reusability
  • Supports consolidation of “Stove-Pipe” systems
  • Quick exploitation of web-environment leveraging legacy system
  • Improved product and service quality through enhanced communications
  • Supports lower cost hardware options and flexible operational environment