Big Data Analytics

mLogica’s MCAP Software is a next generation Big Data analytics solution for organizations to cross-correlate massive amounts of internal and external, structured and unstructured, data with high-performance loading, archiving and analysis.

MCAP Performance

  • Bigger – Scales from < 100 TB to 30,000 TB (30 PBs)
  • Faster – Loads 136 TB per hour = 3.3 PB/day = 23 PB/week!
    • 10 to 100 times faster than traditional Big Data vendors
  • Short Time to Market – arrives configured and tuned: deployed within 4 – 8 weeks after PO
  • Uses Standard SQL, R, MDX and UDF; no need for data specialists
  • Extreme Analytics included without the need of infrastructure custom coding
  • MCAP can do “5 Nines” using our storage replications/snap/clone and/or multi-site-replication
  • Scales up to 12,000 nodes in a cluster. Nodes are up to 8-sockets (120 cores, 12 TB RAM) – and scales to 12,000 of such nodes

mLogica’s Data Vault is a Big Data Analytics Platform with an ultra-high performance database and Big Data middleware that is fully installed, configured, tested and managed.

  • Best-of-breed compute, network, and storage technologies
  • High performance data ingest and query speeds
  • Ultra-high speed reporting and analytics
  • Lower cost per TB than any other Big Data Vendors for large implementations
  • Short time to market – arrives configured and tuned
  • Advanced analytics and predictive algorithms with SQL and R
  • No need of infrastructure custom coding
  • Real-time (near real-time) reporting

MCAP Visualization

Simple, Actionable Insights

MCAP Visualization framework aims to provide the simplest path to one question: “Are we on track?” With a web-based interface, organizations’ dashboard indicators and alerts are available in one easy to access interface for the shortest path to maximum insight.


Customized Strategy

Our score models enable rapid definition of targets with years of data validation from industry benchmark data while incorporating custom dimensions

The “Human” Element

MCAP team monitors dashboard data providing insight and recommendations. Consultant feedback is accessed online via your custom dashboard.

Big Data Industry Use Cases (Most common business drivers)