mLogica’s PxCube software for operational efficiency management offers workforce, business process management and energy performance solutions providing operational optimization in a structured approach for directing overall workforce and energy performance across all business levels; monitoring, managing and driving performance and increasing operational efficiencies.

Performance Management Application for Financial Services Organizations

Solution to provide structured approaches for directing overall logistics performance from the employee level upwards. Monitors, manages and drives employee performance and increase productivity through performance measurement and management.

Provides employee performance reviews and goal management. Quickly access key employee information to gauge accurate candid performance reviews and empower organization and employee growth.



Energy Management

Businesses everywhere are striving hard to reduce their operating costs and earn more profits. At the same time, they want to be responsible to their social impact on communities and to the environmental consequences of their operations. In order to prosper, business must grow and profit sustainably in an Economic, Social and Environmentally responsible way.

mLogica Energy Management solution is a Big Data Platform for energy efficiencies and sustainability. The platform has smart control capabilities to automate several backend operations to achieve energy efficiency.

Consumers view a personalized view on their dashboard, to set up and achieve their own energy goals. At the core of our belief is to free users from cumbersome data interpretations and actions. The platform handles big data and learns from its rich analytics, displayed in a simple and friendly manner. The controls, takes over the responsibility to deliver the savings.