IBM mLogica is an IBM Advanced Partner and works with IBM on its analytics and data management technologies. We provide implementation services related to IBM’s Advance Analytics, Big Data, Enterprise Data Management, Integrations and Governance products and solutions.


As part of the mLogica Big Data practice, speedy movement of massive amounts of data is critical. We utilize Aspera software to move, share and synchronize large files and data sets, digital assets and media quickly and securely. These highly scalable solutions are built to handle the largest data requirements at maximum speed, regardless of data size, type, and distance or network conditions.

Aspera provides secure access to transfer servers located outside of the corporate network while protecting internal users’ IP addresses. ASP Proxy helps protect organizations’ network by helping secure high-speed transfers for clients in highly restrictive network environments.

Functioning either as a forward or reverse proxy, Aspera FASP Proxy allows the transparent pass-through of FASP transfer sessions across a secure DMZ without impeding transfer speeds or compromising the security of an internal network. Aspera FASP Proxy also supports load balancing, high availability configurations and flexible security policies to meet an organization’s specific security needs.

Business Intelligence – Watson Cognitive Analytics and Data Management Platform

ibm-watson mLogica works closely with IBM to provide end-to-end technologies, services and solutions for Business Intelligence and Data Management Platform including Watson Cognitive Analytics, information integration, master data management, data warehousing and BI tools.

mLogica’s advanced analytics team provides data discovery services, available via the cloud, guiding data exploration, automating predictive analytics and enabling dashboard and situational analysis creation. The key focus of mLogica’s cognitive analytics delivery is on how to break down the barriers that exist today between decision makers and the data they need to get work done in a timely manner.


IBM Cognos Business Intelligence provides a toolset for reporting, analysis, score carding, and monitoring of events and metrics. mLogica can help companies with their reporting, analysis, dashboard development and score boarding needs utilizing Cognos.

Enterprise Data Management

mLogica’s Enterprise Data Management Solutions team enables organizations to manage data across multiple workloads, while reducing administration, storage, development and server costs. Our data management architects specialize in delivering industry-leading performance for highly available transactions and operational analytics while lowering administration and infrastructure costs.

  • DB2 9 Universal Database – Provides foundation for data warehouses, transaction processing, or Web based solutions
  • Informix – Offers an exceptional online transaction processing database for enterprise and workgroup computing

InfoSphere Information Server

IBM Information Server is the data integration software platform including Extract, Transfer, Load (ETL) requirements for the Data Warehouse. As part of our data modeling, ETL and analytic practice, mLogica’s architects specializes in implementing products and in building Data Warehouse/Data Marts with InfoSphere Data Stage and Quality Stage.

InfoSphere Master Data Management

IBM Multiform Master Data Management manages master data domains (customers, accounts, products) that have a significant impact on the most important business processes and realizes the promise of SOA.

InfoSphere Warehouse and InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse

IBM provides a unified data warehouse delivering access to structured and unstructured information and operational and transactional data in real time. mLogica is one of the key implementation partners of IBM for InfoSphere Warehouse and InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse.

Optim for Information Lifecycle Governance

IBM Optim helps control the application data through every stage of the information lifecycle. Information lifecycle governance (ILG) helps manage the business information throughout its lifecycle – from creation to deletion. It addresses the problems that challenge records management, electronic discovery, compliance, storage optimization and data migration initiatives.

By providing in-depth assessments of unstructured data where it resides, on-premises or in the cloud, mLogica’s team provides organizations with visibility into data to make informed business decisions.

mLogica can support you with your projects related to Application Retirement, Data Growth Management, Test Data Management and Data Privacy.

SoftLayer Cloud

ibm-softlayer IBM, through their acquisition of SoftLayer, offers a fully-managed service for hosting and running Memcached data set in a highly-available and scalable manner, with predictable and stable top performance.

mLogica’s team includes former SoftLayer executives and technical team members, and offers premium SoftLayer support and migration services. SoftLayer Cloud Security includes segregated public, private, and management traffic across distinct physical networks; offering the latest industry-leading security solutions to help create a comprehensive cloud strategy.

SoftLayer provides a wide range of security options to choose from, to protect infrastructure with multiple, overlapping layers of protection customized to needs and interests. It offers true high-availability with its in-memory data set replication and instant auto-fail over.