LookermLogica is a global reseller and implementation partner of Looker. mLogica also integrates Looker’s visualization software in its big data platform (MCAP).

Looker is pioneering a new kind of business intelligence (BI) that provides organizations the ability to interact with live data and is creating true discovery-driven businesses and unlocking the value of their data, one customer at a time.

Looker works directly with the data, and creates a common data language for the business to use. This means that employees in every part of the organization work with the same numbers and concepts, derived the same way-for results that are consistent, and reliable.

Looker is completely transparent. Users can always see how queries are generated and how the LookML model is representing the underlying data. Users can even see the data itself, so they can have confidence in every business decision.

The entire Looker platform can be distributed on the Looker infrastructure or on companies’ infrastructure, whether that’s managed on premise or in the cloud, and is packaged in an easy to distribute fashion for fast implementation.