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Peter Burney

Peter Burney

Managing Director, Business Development

Peter Burney Peter Burney has been with MLOGICA since the foundation of the company and has been responsible for driving revenue for the company ever since. Peter is responsible for all areas of commercial and Public Sector business development, including technical presales, strategic alliances, sales operations, global revenue generation, new market penetration/market share, and marketing. He is a seasoned executive and technical manager with multi-disciplinary experience. His background includes more than 30 years working in various industry sectors including software, semiconductor, hardware, telecommunications, financial, manufacturing, Internet, and health care.

Previously, Peter was Vice President, Sales, for a specialized SAP consulting services company focusing in database management services, mission critical online application development, and HIPAA-related services to various industry sectors.

Prior to this, he was the Founder and CEO of a high technology executive placement company, specializing in building entire software engineering organizations for Fortune 1,000 and emerging high-tech companies.

Peter’s career started in the manufacturing sector; he was responsible for upgrading production processes, Quality Control methodologies, and in integrating various types of MRP Systems into large manufacturing facilities in the US, Mexico, and China. He was instrumental in implementing technical solutions to manual processes, thereby increasing efficiencies, lowering costs, and reducing business risk.

Peter and his wife live in Henderson, Nevada.