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MLOGICA’s product range represents a responsive approach to market needs; offering advanced technologies for legacy code migration automation, database migration, operational efficiencies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and crypto big data analytics.

CAP*M – Big Data Analytics

MLOGICA’s CAP*M is state of the art Big Data Platform providing ultra-high speed loading, cross correlation and advanced analytics of Big Data in near real time. CAP*M can analyze structured and unstructured data, from multiple disparate sources in order to meet commercial, government and regulatory requirements. CAP*M provides an Xtreme Big Data Platform designed for high performance requirements for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Crypto Big Data Analytics.

Available as an appliance, private, hybrid, or public cloud.


STAR*M – IT Modernization (MLOGICA Database Migration Studio)

The greatest risk to an enterprise is operating on and maintaining outdated legacy environments where there is minimal investment in new technology. MLOGICA’s IT modernization practice is foundational to the achievement of our customers’ mission goals to lower IT costs, manage business risks, and ensure platform security, standardizations and efficiencies by facilitating transition to a secure, cost effective, and future-proof technology state.


STAR*M – Automated Migration Studio is a software suite built to accelerate the translation of legacy database SQL code to modern, state of the art, database SQL through a highly automated translation engine and advanced machine learning engineering, leveraging our cross-platform expertise with DB2, Informix, Ingres, Netezza, Postgres, Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase databases.

The product is designed for migrating complex and mission critical database workload to the On-Premise, Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or private Cloud.

Our primary aim is to transform disparate legacy IT systems into a modern, flexible architecture through our automated migration software and best practices methodologies.

Our migration team provides our customers with database, platform, and application modernization briefings and workshops which will enable organizations to understand migrations in general, their migration specifically, the MLOGICA migration methodology, time to market, overall and detailed costs, resource allocation, and risk mitigation.


TRAK*M – Database Performance Management

TRAK*M software has been designed ground-up for SAP HANA, Sybase ASE, IQ, and Replication Server. No other software can provide the breadth and depth of TRAK*M.