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STAR*M - IT Modernization

mLogica’s IT Modernization products facilitate, through the use of advanced machine learning software, the migrations of expensive, legacy systems which lack innovation are not in line with the needs of modern businesses. Our migration methodologies utilizing mLogica’s STAR*M deliver intelligent, cost-effective, and responsive modernization in a fraction of the timescale of a comparable manual migration project.

STAR*M – A suite of software products developed to accelerate the translation of legacy database SQL code to that of more modern, state-of-the-art, database SQL through a highly automated translation engine and advanced machine learning engineering.

Database Migrations – Legacy heterogeneous and homogeneous database migrations, led by STAR*M, moving customers towards more cost-effective and modern databases.

Platform Migrations – When legacy hardware platforms become obsolete, unsupported and overly expensive, STAR*M represents a repeatable, low-risk and efficient set of methodologies to migrate to new platforms; on-premise or in the Cloud.

Cloud Migrations – Whether your business requires a hybrid, public or private cloud environment, mLogica can support your migration. A successful multi-cloud migration strategy requires careful planning to realize the benefits you expect while avoiding unexpected costs and security vulnerabilities. You can either go it alone or engage with experts who can guide you with best practices. mLogica with STAR*M can help you accelerate your migration to the Cloud.