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mLogica and its principal resources are well published in the field of Databases, Business Intelligence and Application Development. This includes books, white papers, periodicals, and journals; and speaking engagements at a variety of events, tradeshows, and seated seminars.As a technology leader for database migration and software development mLogica often appears in industry reports and articles.


  • Rethinking Big Data Analytics pdf
    The need for a radical re-think of how to mitigate cryptocurrency crimes, based on cutting–edge technology, and free of the limitations imposed by current systems and conditions that hamper finding compliance solutions, has never been higher.Migrating, optimizing and managing these complex, Big Data environments, such as Teradata, Netezza, Sybase, Legacy Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, DB2, etc., to the AWS Platform, and refactoring them to Aurora or Redshift remediates skills, scalability and speed issues; transforming data intelligence to another level.
  • Microsoft SQL Server: More Expensive To the Core pdf by Darice Bailer
    The article is about the rising cost of Microsoft SQL as compared to Oracle. mLogica and its customers have found out time and time again that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the Oracle Database environment is most likely going to be less expensive than Microsoft SQL Server. Oracle leads Microsoft, IBM, SAP/Sybase, and Teradata in Operational Database Management Systems.
  • Sybase ASE and Sybase IQ to Oracle pdf by Amit Okhandiar
    This article deals primarily with mLogica’s experience in working with clients who, over the years, have asked mLogica to help them evaluate and/or support them with their database migration initiatives from Sybase Adaptive Service Enterprise (ASE) to Oracle. mLogica provides assessments on the strategic pros and cons of Sybase-to-Oracle migrations from business and technology perspectives. mLogica analyzes existing trends in the database marketplace, what business users are telling us, what database trainers are reporting in regard to database cross-training (i.e., where the jobs are), what analysts are saying, and the investments that both Sybase and Oracle have made in terms of database innovation. Based on this information, mLogica prepares a business case and justification for migration from Sybase to Oracle for its customers.
  • The Art of Database Performance Management pdf by Amit Okhandiar
    Learn how to make business processes more efficient through Database Performance Management. Rather than having DBAs whose main role is to react to issues, this article explains how to change their roles to a more proactive and thus create a better user experience.
  • Data Warehouse (Sybase IQ): Harness the Power of Analytics with a Data Warehouse Appliance pdf by Dr. Robert McCord
    Learn the best practices for selecting and developing a data warehouse appliance. This paper helps you understand architecture, performance and scalability, cost, return on investment, and risks an appliance may introduce.Dr. McCord boasts twenty years’ experience in relational database management. After receiving a Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in 1985, he managed architecture, development and product management groups at Ingres, Sybase, and Oracle, leading database companies, and now serves as Vice President of Product Management at mLogica. A frequent writer and presenter in the data management field, Dr. McCord is also an excellent teacher and communicator with experience in application servers and mobile/wireless technology.
  • Migrating Legacy Client/Server PowerBuilder Apps to Web-Enabled PowerBuilder Apps pdf by Vazi Okhandiar and Sachin Agarwal
    This article explains how PowerBuilder 11 tools, such as the Migration Assistant Tool and the .NET Web Forms Application Wizard, makes developing Web-enabling applications very easy, cost-efficient, and makes the process to Web-enable client/server legacy PowerBuilder (8 and above) much more efficient.
  • Application (PowerBuilder) Modernization: Power Builder Developers Journal – Web Form to IIS 7 on Windows Vista pdf
    Deploying the pbtutor Application as a Web Form to IIS 7 on Windows Vista – A Tutorial by Vazi Okhandiar and Alon Baadani.
    Vazi Okhandiar is the vice-president of technology for mLogica LLC. For over 15 years,she has been architecting, designing, and managing Power Builder-enabled applications. She previously worked for EDS and Computer Science Corporations (CSC) and holds a MBA and BSEE from UC, Irvine and a MS computer science from IIT, Chicago. Alon Baadani, as the principal of ABM Consulting, Inc. has been developing PowerBuilder applications for both large corporations and small businesses over the last 12 years. Currently he is developing applications for RES-Q HealthCare Systems, an industry leader with presence in the U.S., Canada, and the EU.
  • Data Warehouse (IBM DB2 Warehouse): IBM Success Story – Capital Network Inc. pdf
    Capital Network Inc needed a solution to speed up the process of accessing and leveraging critical information. They were relying on a manual method that sometimes took days. mLogica implemented a solution that not only allowed them to access their data on demand, but also contributed to business management and growth, helped determine client buying trends, and the ability to create new business offerings for clients.
  • SQL Server Migration to ASE on Linux pdf by Paul Hirsch
    This article describes how mLogica used Sybase technology as a solution to an email marketing company’s performance issues with Microsoft SQL Server.

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Business Process Management

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