SAP to AWS Migration and Modernization Workshop

1-on-1, No-Cost Database Migration Assessment

Get a complete plan for how to adopt SAP databases and technology on AWS

Target Environments: Organizations running enterprise business-critical applications or enterprise data warehouses on SAP HANA, ASE, IQ, or Replication Server platforms
Business Rationale: Organizations considering migrating these database workloads to the AWS Cloud
Benefits: This workshop will allow IT operations to fully understand the scope of their project, and how partnering with mLogica will lay out a detailed roadmap that allows them to achieve their goals with accelerated time-to-market, lower risk, and lower project costs.
This 1-2 days onsite assessment workshop includes:
  • Migration of SAP workloads to the AWS Cloud utilizing automated database migration process and its benefits
  • Discovery and validation of the source environment
    • Database objects and data including Sizing
    • Infrastructure
    • ETL, Interfaces, Jobs and other downstream applications
    • Analytics and upstream applications
    • Lifecycle management including RACI, QA and deployment process
    • Security
  • 1-2 days offsite analysis and preparation of deliverables
  • 1 day onsite or remote read-out session
AS-IS architecture definition
End state architecture definition
Automated database objects’ analysis
High-level applications’ analysis
Migration strategy and approach
Implementation plan

A $10,000 Value + T&E Engagement. All At No Cost to You!

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Upon completion of the Assessment Workshop, for qualified customers, mLogica offers NO CHARGE* Proofs of Concept.

PoC: Option A
Select a SAP workload of average complexity and migrate that workload to the AWS Cloud. Scope includes:
  1. Infrastructure setup
  2. Migrate database and data
  3. Remediate selected upstream applications: ETLs, interfaces, applications, jobs, etc.
  4. Remediate selected downstream applications: applications, reports, tool
  5. QA, SIT, and UAT
PoC: Option B
Select 2-3 technical challenges that require special attention: Complex stored procedures, P&T issues, encryption, etc.
Scope includes:
  1. Select the technical challenges
  2. Analyze and define the solution
  3. Infrastructure setup
  4. Implement the solution

Migration and modernization duration: 1 to 3 months

Cost: $25,000 - $50,000 + T&E engagement at No Cost

* Applicable to qualified customers only. Terms and conditions apply.