CAP*M Behave Engine


Optimizing Telco Profitability at Hyperscale

As a telecommunications provider, you have unmatched insight into your customer. From usage to roaming to purchasing, every piece of information offers the opportunity to maximize revenue—but only if your technology lets you intake critical data at hyperscale.

In the past five years, data produced and consumed worldwide has grown by nearly 600%

For telecommunications companies, the revenue opportunities are virtually limitless. From subscription upgrades to cross-selling and upselling, targeted advertising and partnership opportunities, understanding your customer means boosting your bottom line.

But how do you leverage the immense volume of data entering your system 24/7?

Whether it’s incoming data or your backlog of historical business information, CAP*M Behave Engine makes it work for you, ingesting petabyte-scale data, then warehousing and structuring it to give you near-real-time insights into your customers—empowering you to make truly data-driven decisions.

Uniquely Designed to Solve Telco Challenges

Customer Marketing

Problem: Switching wars, customer acquisition, marketing effectiveness

Solution: Leveraging machine learning for micro-segmentation, targeting, propensity modeling, campaign automation, etc.

Benefits: Reduced churn, market share gains, marketing spend optimization, hyper-personalization, contextual data-driven ads

Churn Reduction and Management

Problem: Well-defined, mature, and finite market with significant customer poaching and churn

Solution: Churn reduction, cost savings, improved profitability, and payments recovery

Benefits: Churn prediction and prevention while using customer lifetime value (CLV) analysis

Network Health

Problem: Network reliability, performance and optimization for customer experience

Solution: Machine learning models using anomaly detection for performance and predictive maintenance

Benefits: Service-level optimization, network health, self-optimizing/healing networks and customer experience management

Recommendation Engines

Problem: Revenue lift, market share gains and alliances with content providers for OTT delivery

Solution: Machine learning models; either content-based or leveraging collaborative filtering

Benefits: Next-best offer, cross-sell and up-sell, increased viewership and stickiness, revenue gains and overall ecosystem effectiveness

CAP*M Behave Engine: Leveraging analytics to drive revenue

Letting you create a personalized, context-aware mobile experience for customers worldwide

  • Get in-depth subscriber profiles, including demographics, devices used and trends
  • Gain insights into subscriber behavior, interests and experiences
  • Understand how customers utilize your services and applications
  • Uncover new revenue sources and boost new service adoption
  • Quantify and recoup revenue lost to OTT messaging
  • Personalize mobile advertising
Letting you create a personalized
CAP*M Behave Engine Also Proactively Optimizes System Operations

CAP*M Behave Engine Also Proactively Optimizes System Operations

Near-real-time access to your data not only drives revenue, it helps you proactively monitor mission-critical business processes, including anomaly detection and predictive maintenance in locations across the world. This lets you anticipate issues and optimize network performance to prevent potential bottlenecks and congestion, preventing customer dissatisfaction, ensuring smooth operations in all conditions—and driving customer loyalty!

Telco Enterprise and Retail Use Cases

  • Run churn and profitability analyses, cross-correlating with billing, email, and texts to determine who are your best customers and how you can optimize their experience
  • Advanced services such as telemetry data via SMS, home, vehicle accident and security data, health patient monitoring, and social network analysis including sentiment analysis and public image monitoring
  • Reduce preparation time, effort and disruptions for audit, litigation and compliance
  • Ultra-high-speed loading of SMS, CDR, billing, and arbitration, and search, discovery, and storage capabilities to meet government and regulatory requirements
  • Offer new enterprise services, including BI, audit, litigation, fraud detection, CRM, call center, high availability and disaster recovery to customers
  • Provide instant access to all data—critical for mobile access, call center, CRM, law enforcement, ER, etc.
  • Add new types of data without changing the application or data model
Telco Enterprise and Retail Use Cases
Gain 360-Degree Visibility into Your Business

Gain 360-Degree Visibility into Your Business

CAP*M Behave Engine offers unprecedented insights, including comprehensive overviews of both front-end activity: subscribers, calls and behavior, as well as back-end factors such as system load and performance, predicting saturation and enabling threshold-based alerts to prevent system failures.

Targeting and optimizing performance and revenue

80% of data network bandwidth is often consumed by just 10% of your customers. With mLogica’s CAP*M Behave Engine, you can:

  • Analyze devices contributing to high consumption and profile these users for future pricing strategies
  • See how the network is being utilized and identify bottlenecks
  • Visualize the network to highlight issues and allow detailed drill-down
Targeting and optimizing performance and revenue