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Data analytics has enabled organizations to gain customers, streamline processes and adapt with agility to shifting market forces. Explore the many ways data analytics is reshaping every aspect of business today.

Mainframe Modernization: Risks, Challenges and Benefits

For decades mainframes have been the backbone of corporate and public sector IT systems, workhorses with unmatched capacity to manage the hyperscale workloads and high-volume transactions processed by large enterprises on a daily basis. Introduced in the 1950s, mainframes peaked in popularity during the 1960s and 70s.

Is Lift-and-Shift the Right Approach for Your Cloud Migration?

When you’re planning to migrate your legacy business databases and applications to the cloud you have several strategies to choose from based on your system’s current state, your existing needs and your goals for the future.

Migrating from On-Prem to the Cloud: a Business Success Story

Every day social media becomes an increasingly vital platform for e-commerce, not only driving awareness and sales, but allowing companies to monitor their traction with target demographics. According to Statista almost ninety-two percent of U.S. companies with more than 100 employees have incorporated social media into their overall marketing strategy.

Here’s Why You Need to Automate Your Cloud Migration

Every business struggling with the limitations of their outdated on-premise or mainframe database has considered the advantages of moving to the cloud. The ability to access new technology on demand, to scale capacity, and associated costs, up and down as needed, plus the chance to shed data center expenses and licensing fees, are all strong incentives to modernize.

4 Database Roadblocks That Are Holding Your Business Back - and How to Fix Them

Running an enterprise database that’s fully optimized, with turn-on-a-dime functionality you can rely on no matter what is a complex undertaking. It requires an expert team that has to simultaneously support the daily tasks of processing incoming and historical business information, while also proactively ensuring your data remains fully optimized and secured within your database environment.

Are You in a Dysfunctional Relationship With Your Mainframe?

If you had a friend who took all your money and refused to support you when you needed it most-you’d know it was time for a change. Yet when it comes to the company mainframe, some business and public sector leaders let inertia and procrastination keep them in a one-sided, low benefits relationship with their obsolescing systems.

Can Your Business Come Back Stronger After COVID?

In the years prior to COVID-19, many businesses were reluctant to fully commit to digital transformation and cloud modernization. Reasons ranged from leadership concerns over business disruption to internal staff inertia, as well as worries about cost and the potential risks involved in restructuring internal and external business processes.

8 Reasons to Migrate Your Database to the Cloud

An organization’s database environment is central to its operations, supporting all aspects of its daily business functions. But running a database in the conventional on-premise environment comes with a number of downsides. These include high maintenance and licensing costs, manually keeping it updated with the latest versions and patches, protecting it against rising security risks-plus a critical lack of flexibility and scalability to adapt to the ever-changing business world.

What Is a Data Security Risk Assessment and How Can it Save Your Business?

Among its other powerful effects, the global pandemic has forced a sea change on organizations worldwide, abruptly forcing both businesses and public sector agencies towards online customer platforms and remote work. Yet while this shift has made it physically safer to operate, and provided a vital lifeline to stay in business, it’s also exposed organizations to sharply escalated cyber threats, as more of their online traffic runs through public networks.

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