Modernizing Legacy and Mainframe to the Cloud


SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes across all industries run at peak performance. An impressive 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system.

SAP’s machine learning, internet of things (IoT) and advanced analytics technologies help turn businesses worldwide into intelligent enterprises.

mLogica offers extensive, in-depth expertise in SAP analytics and data management technologies, providing expert services for:

  • Sybase ASE
  • Replication Server
  • HANA
  • Sybase ASA
  • Sybase IQ
  • Power Builder
  • Power Designer
  • BusinessObjects Data Services
  • Lumira

mLogica and SAP: Our Joint Vision

SAP is one of the world’s leading producers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organizations.

mLogica has provided high-availability SAP solutions for clients worldwide, analyzing availability and data access needs and developing an optimum topology, including:

  • Managing planned downtime, such as routine maintenance, system upgrades and more
  • System protection during unplanned downtime such as machine or network outages
  • Ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery

mLogica specializes in leveraging automation to refactor complex, legacy on-premise business applications, both mainframe and distributed, to the cloud. Together we deliver cloud migration projects with maximum speed and accuracy while reducing errors, cost and risk for even the most complex legacy business systems.

Our joint offerings

SAP and mLogica’s shared mission is to streamline the complexities of migrating mission-critical enterprise applications, databases, infrastructure and data to the cloud, saving our customers time and money while minimizing business disruption.

The challenge? Virtually every enterprise is so reliant on legacy applications and system customizations that even the most tech-savvy IT professional is faced with the risk of losing functionality when moving to the cloud.

How we work closely together

Enterprise Optimization

By harnessing the power of in-memory computing to process hyperscale data and support advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, SAP is taking enterprise resource planning (ERP) to the next level. SAP’s integrated applications connect all parts of a business into an intelligent suite on a fully digital platform, replacing process-driven, legacy platforms.

When modernizing your databases, applications and mainframe, mLogica’s automated migration software suites STAR*M and LIBER*M reduce error rates and speed time-to-value. By automating the most labor-intensive processes involved in migrating mission-critical enterprise data, our exclusive tools enable the secure translation of your legacy application and database code while dramatically reducing timelines and costs.

Why SAP and mLogica?

Global scale: SAP established the worldwide standard for enterprise resource planning software, while mLogica specializes in migrating complex, legacy on-premise business applications and databases, both mainframe and distributed, to the cloud, including successful enterprise migrations across six continents.

In combining unmatched enterprise technology experience with automated software, multi-petabyte big data solutions and proven, repeatable methodology, SAP and mLogica:

  • Dramatically reduce project implementation times
  • Increase operational efficiencies and slash ongoing IT costs
  • Reduce your project’s time-to-profit without disturbing daily business operations
  • Retain your existing application customizations without disrupting application availability
  • Leverage your business’s under-utilized data to support optimized analytics and drive timely, data-driven decision making

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