Microsoft Azure


Unlock the Power of Automation: Migrate Your Legacy Databases to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure – AI-powered innovation

Are you restricting the growth of your business with outdated legacy databases? It's time to accelerate the future with Microsoft Azure, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

With mLogica’s automated migration technologies, you can seamlessly migrate your legacy databases to Azure and discover a world of possibilities for your organization. mLogica’s STAR*M migration software leverages reinforced machine learning to refactor complex, legacy on-premise business applications, both mainframe and distributed, to Azure.

Migrating to Microsoft Azure with STAR*M lets you migrate outdated legacy platforms to the cloud in one third the time and half the cost!

mLogica is an expert in automated platform, database and application modernization, enabling low cost, low-risk business system migration. Our proprietary STAR*M automated migration software suite lets you migrate legacy distributed database applications with maximum speed, accuracy and efficiency, allowing you to leverage Azure’s lightning-fast query performance, automated backups and streamlined data management.

Work smarter, not harder!

With Azure’s comprehensive product and services suite, you gain access to cutting-edge technologies that will drive innovation within your organization. Leverage advanced analytics and AI capabilities to build intelligent applications that propel your business forward.

Azure Advanced Security

Safeguard your critical data with Microsoft Azure's robust security features. With a variety of advanced security products, you’ll benefit from advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication and constant monitoring, ensuring your databases are protected against cyber threats and meet all compliance requirements.

Cloud Scalability

Azure provides unparalleled scalability, allowing your databases to effortlessly adapt to your business needs. Scale up or down on demand, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency while accommodating your evolving workload.

mLogica Migration Services for Microsoft Azure

mLogica offers expert services to modernize legacy systems, enabling organizations to leverage the benefits of modern cloud technologies and architectures, ensuring compatibility and driving performance. Whether you’re migrating from an older database system to a modern one, or moving databases to Azure, STAR*M will facilitate a seamless transition with minimal downtime.

mLogica migration services support the following Azure products:

  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL
  • Azure SQL Server
  • Azure Database for MySQL
  • Azure Database for MariaDB
  • Azure Synapse Analytics and more...

Seamless Migrations

With mLogica STAR*M automated software, the migration process becomes smooth, fast and cost efficient. Don't let your legacy databases hold you back. Embrace the transformative power of Microsoft Azure and propel your business into the future. Contact us today to embark on a seamless migration journey that unlocks new opportunities for growth, efficiency and innovation.