Welcome to the Future of Enterprise Modernization

Slalom and mLogica have embarked on a transformational partnership to reimagine the possibilities of enterprise modernization. Tailored for enterprises of all sizes, this strategic alliance is designed to redefine how businesses innovate and operate in the digital age.

Powering Change with Purpose and Vision

Slalom is committed to creating a better tomorrow. With the expertise of over 13,000 professionals spanning forty-five markets, Slalom stands at the forefront of business and technology consulting.

mLogica: Pioneering Legacy Modernization

For more than two decades, mLogica has driven enterprise modernization, steering over 600 large-scale projects, including Fortune 1000 companies. We collaborate with top cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Oracle to deliver agile, leading-edge solutions that not only modernize, they drive unlimited innovation.

mLogica Technology Makes the Difference

IT modernization demands a fusion of expertise and extensive experience to address complex technology challenges without impacting daily business operations. Leveraging mLogica's cutting-edge automated solutions, enterprises can efficiently tackle legacy system issues while ensuring cost-effectiveness and operational continuity.

Mainframe and distributed workload modernization: Free your business from outdated systems, leverage leading-edge cloud-native technologies and save millions on infrastructure and licensing costs with our automated, ML- and GenAI-powered LIBER*M Mainframe Modernization Suite and STAR*M Distributed Database Modernization solutions.

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