Empowering Smarter Enterprise Technology Transformations with Eviden and mLogica

Modern enterprises need smarter, more affordable data modernization solutions that drive performance, agility, scalability and security. A division of global digital transformation leader Atos, Eviden offers advanced computing, digital security and net-zero transformation services, along with identity and access management software precision-tailored for the evolving needs of modern business.

About Eviden

A global powerhouse in data-driven, trusted, sustainable digital transformation, the Eviden portfolio of patented technologies spans all industries in over fifty-three countries.

mLogica and Eviden: Advanced Technologies That Change Your IT and Data Landscapes

Free your business from outdated systems, leverage leading-edge cloud native technologies and save millions on infrastructure and licensing costs. mLogica’s automated, GenAI- and ML-driven LIBER*M Mainframe Modernization Suite and STAR*M Distributed Database Modernization solutions migrate your legacy technology in one-third the time and half the cost of traditional methodologies.

Together, mLogica and Eviden provide enterprise data modernization that harnesses the power of automation and AI for customized digital transformations.

Petabyte-scale Big Data Processing and Analytics Solutions

mLogica’s CAP*M Complex Events Analytics Platform offers ultra-high-speed data loading and near real- time analytics in a custom-built solution.

Together, mLogica and Eviden leverage AI and data science for intelligent end-to-end solutions for data-driven private and public sector organizations.

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