CAP*M Complex Events Analytics platform


Get ultra-high-speed data loading and near real-time analytics in one hyperscale big data platform

The amount of data generated worldwide has exploded by almost 600% in just the past few years. It's an incredible asset that gives you unmatched granular insights into your customers, competition and the wide range of factors that influence your business minute by minute—but only if you can capture this data effectively and leverage it strategically.

Engineered to support petabyte-scale complex events analytics and enriched information processing, mLogica's CAP*M converged analytic platform delivers actionable intelligence for truly data-driven decision making. Our wide array of highly customizable deployment models lets you leverage CAP*M at your data center, in the cloud or right at the edge (data source) for critical near-real time reporting for even the most data-intensive industries.

CAP*M offers unmatched use case diversity across all verticals and sectors including:

  • Telco
  • Financial Services
  • Government and Tax
  • Oil and Gas
  • Digital Finance
  • Defense Contractors
  • Healthcare
  • Energy and Utilities

Utilizing our complex event analytics processing foundation, we transform petabyte scale data from multiple sources and deliver it in a range of intuitive, actionable formats

With the proven capability to:
  • Ingest information from 100TB to multiple petabytes of mixed data daily
  • Scale from 100TB to 30PB in a single environment
  • Process complex queries of multiple petabytes (trillions of records) in seconds
  • Achieve compression rates upwards of 90%
  • Support real-time analytics at scale

With leading edge artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), AutoML and MLOps, the CAP*M Complex Event Analytics Platform can effectively address business-critical strategies for:

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Anti-money laundering, fraud detection, financial crime, terrorism financing, enterprise risk management, claims processing, fraud detection and adjudication, claim volume forecasting, automated underwriting, inter-day liquidity and cash movement, cybersecurity, portfolio optimization, algorithmic trading, high-velocity trading analytics, product recommendations, customer acquisition and retention, customer analytics and lifetime value (CLV), RegTech and compliance, marketing optimization, sentiment analysis and more.


Health informatics, medical imaging analysis, assisted diagnostics and treatment, drug research and discovery, genome analytics, patient data analytics, personalized treatment and care, remote patient monitoring and more.

Energy and Utilities

Smart cities management, demand response, distributed generation and storage, smart grids and meters and more.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Automated inventory management, resource allocation, self-optimizing production, predictive maintenance, asset management, demand forecasting and distribution management, connected devices, quality assurance, autonomous manufacturing and more.


Predictive maintenance, customer acquisition, churn management, recommendation engines, network health monitoring and optimization and more.

Retail and E-commerce

Market basket analysis, personalized offers and promotions, demand forecasting, inventory allocation and replenishment, price and markdown optimization, assortment planning, product recommendations, marketing mix modeling, attribution modeling, churn analysis and more.

Public Sector

Law enforcement, crime and violence prevention, border control, Coast Guard security, emergency and disaster management, traffic control, military intelligence and more.


Production costs reduction, reservoir production optimization, upstream/ midstream/ downstream optimization, predictive and preventive maintenance, asset management improvement, offshore operations improvement, geospatial analytics and visualization and more.

A domain-focused complex event analytics solution that offers machine learning capabilities, CAP*M lets you:


Load petabytes of mixed data every day


Scale to over thirty petabytes on a single machine


Cut query response times to just seconds

The digital revolution has changed business — including yours

The world we live in generates a staggering amount of information, including data from sources that didn’t even exist just a few years ago. With this wealth of new technologies, including IoT (internet of things) sensors, social media and robotics, high volumes of data are being created so rapidly that many organizations can’t ingest and analyze it fast enough to leverage it strategically.

Businesses today are challenged with how to process data to transform it into meaningful, actionable information and while more information provides greater value, traditional IT systems simply can’t process it effectively.

CAP*M offers a paradigm-altering new approach to leveraging big data.

It’s time to push your intelligence to the edge…

To accelerate data analysis, you have to push decision-making calculations closer to the action. By relocating your analytics to the edge—the data source—you can detect trends and take action in real time, for truly data-driven predictive calculations that enable optimized, proactive responses.

mLogica’s CAP*M Solution Solves for Complex Event Big Data Challenges

Problem CAP*M Solution
Event ingestion agility Petabyte-scale event ingestion 10-100X faster than competition
Large data volume management Scales up to 30PB on a single machine, can be federated to multiple machines
Data in silos or multiple data sources Integrates data across hundreds of disparate sources
Data variety Ingests structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
Response time Accelerated response time in just seconds
High costs Costs less than $3K/ TB
Scarcity of big data skills Supports Java, SQL, R and MDX as well as standard reporting and analytics tools
Private cloud integration and management Available in on-demand and/or private cloud, reducing operational, financial and technological risk
Business and regulatory exigencies High-performance meets SLAs and business requirements
Long deployment timelines 90-day deployment

Bring Our Analytics Solutions to Your Organization

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  • Your existing data availability, future collection needs and overall maturity
  • Your organization’s current analytics readiness for data-driven decisions
  • Gaps in your current capabilities and future needs for business problems to be solved
  • What an optimal analytics strategy might look like for you today and in the future
  • Doing an audit, assessment and proof-of-concept to deploy your strategy
  • Scale-out of CAP*M-based production environment for your custom-designed analytics and visualization