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MCAP - Big Data Analytics

mLogica’s MCAP is a state-of-the-art Big Data platform providing ultra-high speed loading, cross correlation and advanced analytics of Big Data in near real-time. MCAP can analyze structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, from multiple disparate sources in order to meet commercial, government and regulatory requirements.

Rethinking Big Data Analytics

Scalability – Data volumes will continue to grow especially considering that the number of handheld devices and Internet-connected devices is growing exponentially

  • Larger, more efficient systems are required to handle massive amounts of Big Data

Speed-of-Light Big Data – Speed and approachability are key requirements in Big Data analytics

  • Legacy systems do not provide near/real-time analytics; actionable intelligence must be received in time

Machine Learning – Analytics need to be improved

  • Making accurate predictions requires rapid and “automatic” generation of evolving predictive models

Artificial Intelligence – Organizations require prescriptive analytics to find the best course of action for a given situation

  • Autonomous Agents including robots, autonomous vehicles, virtual personal assistants, and smart advisers will accelerate the volume and velocity of data

MCAP Disruptive Influence

  • Loads 136 TB per hour = 3.3 PB/day = 23 PB/week
  • 10 to 100 times faster than traditional Big Data vendors
  • Scales from < 100 Terabytes to 100s of Petabytes
  • Integrate 100’s of data sources
  • Ad-hoc queries response time is in seconds or sub-seconds
  • Provides multiple security levels
  • Enables “smart” space-based communications

MCAP is a Big Data Analytics Platform with an ultra-high performance database and Big Data middleware that is fully installed, configured, tested and managed.

  • Best-of-breed compute, network, and storage technologies
  • High performance data ingest and query speeds
  • Ultra-high speed reporting and analytics
  • Lower cost per TB than any other Big Data Vendors at scale
  • Short time-to-market – arrives configured and tuned
  • No need for custom infrastructure coding
  • Advanced analytics and predictive algorithms with SQL and R
  • Near real-time (Human Interaction Response Time) reporting