Satya Bhandary, mLogica Group V.P. of Global Sales and Alliances


You know what they say about mainframes: they’re reliable. And that’s true—you can rely on them to get ever-more-costly, to be difficult and expensive to staff, and perhaps most frustratingly, to block your every attempt to upgrade your business technology.

Whether it’s new applications to facilitate collaboration, customer relationships, data analytics or even critical security upgrades, mainframes will fight you every step of the way, blocking innovation and sucking support staff into time-consuming system modifications, patches and workarounds.

But migrating these mainframe applications to the cloud can unlock advanced technologies and provide numerous benefits at all levels of an organization. The cloud EXISTS to deliver bleeding-edge tech on demand, not to mention letting you scale resource usage up and down as needed. In fact, since modernizing your mainframe also allows you to move to a microservice architecture, enhanced scalability is just the beginning!

A microservice architecture lets you build single applications comprised of multiple autonomous small services that operate independently. Such service silos offer a host of benefits, including

  • Easier defect detection and isolation
  • Greater ease of deployment
  • Replication across multiple business units
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Enhanced security and more
How automation makes migration faster and more affordable

The next question—how much hassle will it be to migrate part or all of your mainframe tech to the cloud? We’ve all heard daunting stories of migration projects mired in human error and cost overruns. But by leveraging automated migration technology, private and public sector organizations can now accelerate their modernization journey to the cloud while dramatically cutting costs and error rates.

Migrating to the cloud lets you leverage the full range of advanced technologies and services, offering a rich ecosystem of tools such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data analytics—vital for near-real-time reporting and critical decision making. That said, migrating mainframe infrastructure to the cloud requires expertise, top-flight automation software, and proven methodologies. Engaging with mLogica’s cloud migration and automation specialists can help ensure a seamless transition that quickly maximizes the benefits of migration for accelerated ROI.

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Satya Bhandary, mLogica Group V.P. of Global Sales and Alliances