Sybase Lifecycle Management with mLogica

Event Date: February 22 2023

Sybase has long been one of the most reliable and best-performing databases in the IT industry. In this webinar, we discussed how we enable complete Sybase lifecycle management for our clients with our comprehensive suite of products and services, including:


mLogicaX Expert Services: Our technical domain-based database services that focus on optimizing and driving performance for even the most complex SAP Sybase environments.


TRAK*M Managed Services: Our comprehensive SAP Sybase landscape monitoring and managed services platform that delivers real-time views, issue identification and resolution, proactive alerting, data collection and reporting.


STAR*M automated distributed workload modernization suite: mLogica's proprietary software lets organizations replatform their SAP Sybase databases to a cloud environment through a proven and cost-effective automated process. The webinar was led by Anthony Veltri, mLogica’s SVP of Solution Management


As a pioneer in mainframe and distributed databases and applications modernization, mLogica ensures our clients’ IT systems are designed to align not only with current business priorities but future strategic objectives.