Modernizing Legacy and Mainframe to the Cloud


A global leader in cloud and digital workplace solutions, Atos is also ranked #1 in managed security services worldwide by revenue. With these capabilities plus best-in-class computing power, Atos is helping design the future of the information space, including:

  • Advanced computing
  • Analytics, AI and automation
  • Atos OneCloud
  • Customer experience
  • Cybersecurity
  • Decarbonization
  • Digital consulting
  • Digital workplace
  • Edge and internet of things (IoT)
  • Infrastructure and foundation services
  • Modern applications and platforms

mLogica and Atos: Our joint vision

As a global leader in digital transformation for clients across all business sectors, Atos is helping design the future of the information space. mLogica specializes in leveraging automation to refactor complex, legacy on-premise business applications, both mainframe and distributed, to the cloud. Together we deliver cloud migration projects with maximum speed and accuracy while reducing errors, cost and risk for even the most complex legacy business systems.

Our joint offerings

Atos and mLogica’s shared mission is to streamline the complexities of migrating mission-critical enterprise applications, databases, infrastructure and data for our customers, saving time and money while minimizing business disruption.

Whether you’re leading a globally-dispersed enterprise or an IT team supporting tens of thousands of users, extracting the greatest value from your data is a top business priority. You may have years of accumulated data, but if you can’t leverage that asset to build your business you’re falling behind. Meanwhile, you’re also expected to reduce your ongoing IT spend while improving the speed and accuracy of data-driven business decisions.

You know cloud computing offers improved functionality, flexibility and scalability—plus significant cost savings. The challenge? Virtually every enterprise is so reliant on legacy applications and system customizations that without expert technology and consultants even the most tech-savvy IT professional is faced with the risk of losing functionality when moving to the cloud.

How we work closely together

mLogica’s automated migration software suites STAR*M and LIBER*M reduce error rates and speed time-to-value. By automating the most labor-intensive processes involved in migrating mission-critical enterprise data, our exclusive tools enable the secure translation of your legacy application and database code while dramatically reducing timelines and costs.

A Groundbreaking Big Data Solution for Business

In addition to our next generation automated migration software, the mLogica-Atos partnership now gives clients of both firms access to unmatched technology to leverage their high volumes of existing data, as well as the floods of information coming in from an unprecedented number of sources, including devices, social media and more.

In addition, with the convergence of each firm’s ultra-high-performance systems, Atos and mLogica now offer CAP*M, our petabyte-scale complex events analytics solution, to global customers in both the commercial and public sectors—allowing them to leverage this untapped asset to make accurate, timely, data-driven decisions.

Why Atos and mLogica?

Global technology leadership: Atos’ mission is to support customers in the overall transformation and transition of complex legacy applications into cloud using agile and top modern methodologies without losing the reliability and security of mainframes. A successful transformation will keep organizations competitive and differentiated in their markets.

mLogica specializes in migrating complex, legacy on-premise business applications and databases, both mainframe and distributed, to the cloud, including successful enterprise migrations across six continents.

In combining unmatched enterprise technology experience with automated software and big data solutions and proven, repeatable methodology, Atos and mLogica:

  • Dramatically reduce project implementation times
  • Increase operational efficiencies and slash ongoing IT costs
  • Reduce your project’s time-to-profit without disturbing daily business operations
  • Retain legacy application customizations without disrupting application availability
  • Leverage untapped data assets for optimized analytics and timely decision-making

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