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    Portland, Oregon
  • Reston, Virginia
    London, UK
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Mumbai, India
    Pune, India

SAP Database Migration to AWS Cloud

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Organizations are looking to enable new capabilities that improve performance at reduced costs, all in a scalable, secure, and highly available environment. To achieve these goals, more companies are modernizing their database and applications through cloud migrations.

Hear from industry experts present informative sessions on migrating complex SAP HANA, ASE, IQ, and Replication Server database and application workloads to AWS Cloud.

Featured speakers include:

Trilok Rajesh

Trilok Rajesh
Vice President,
Platform & Technologies Solutions Mgmt.

Eric Beard

Eric Beard
Manager, Solutions Architecture
Amazon Web Services

Amit Okhandiar

Amit Okhandiar
President and
Chief Architect

Ed Stangler

Edward Stangler
Head of Product Engineering
Bradmark Technologies

You will learn how

  • AWS, SAP and their business partners are working together to help SAP ASE, IQ and Replication Server customers leverage AWS Cloud
  • How to Modernize your SAP Sybase database and application workloads by migrating them with one of the following options
    • Lift and shift – Migrate SAP Sybase on-premise workloads to AWS cloud (on EC2/S3)
    • SAP HANA (as a side car) – Migrate SAP Sybase on-premise workloads to AWS cloud (on EC2/S3) with an SAP HANA (add-on) that’s integrated into an existing SAP Sybase environment
    • Refactor to SAP HANA – Migrate SAP Sybase on-premise workloads to an existing SAP HANA environment
  • How you can extend SAP HANA and IQ to support Big Data Analytics using mLogica’s MCAP
  • To mitigate risks and challenges of migrating these mission critical and highly complex workloads to AWS
  • To improve performance and agility by migrating your on-premises database workloads to AWS Platform while reducing costs
  • To manage and optimize your databases and accelerate your migration using automation through AMS – Automated Migration Studio
  • To maximize your investments utilizing Bradmark’s Surveillance DB for management and optimization of your databases and continue to manage your database workloads on the AWS platform